More Sidhuisms of IPL 8

On Kochi Tuskers Kerala winning a tight match against Mumbai Indians, One good action erases thousand bad actions.

On Kochi Tuskers Kerala losing against Delhi Daredevils-They have dug their own grave with their teeth and god gives the toothless nuts to chew on

When you choose to live like a Tiger in a jungle, you just can't afford to be humble.

In times of prosperity, friends are plenty. In times of adversity, not one in twenty.

Its not the load that breaks you, but the way you carry it.

You cannot make Omelets without breaking the eggs.

The greatest thrill for a woman is to see a woman fatter than her.

Cricket is the game of glorious uncertainities! Glorious - When Tendulkar plays; Uncertain - when the rest of the team plays.

"Volcano" Valthaty

Sehwag-Warner's partnership is "terrorism"

It's possible but not probable, my dear friends!

This kind of chase has never happened in the history of this game, my dear friends!

Some succeed because they are destined to, but this guy succeeded because he was determined to.

In London they drive on the left, in India we drive on what is left.

Pitches are like husbands: they keep slowing down!

Out of a small spark erupts a great fire.

In the garden of opportunities, it's much better to pluck the friut rather than to wait for it to fall.

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Sidhuisms of IPL 4

Warne is a victim of his own success. He has taken to women the way an ostrich takes to the skies.

On Chris Gayle Sixer:"gaganchumbi chakka"(Sky kissing six).

Sehwag butchered Deccan Chargers faster than you can say 'Chicken Tikka'

Men are like bank accounts: without a lot of money they don't generate a lot of interest.

Sona jabh bhi daalo aag mein, woh kala nahi hota hai par chamakta hi hai.

Our politics and politicians wallow in corruption like a rhino in an African pool.

Phulon ki khushbhu hawa ki vipreet nahin jaati par maanviye gunon ki khushbu chaaron aur phail jaati he!

The world is all about mind and matter: I don't mind and you don't matter.

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

A good leader inspires people to believe in himself but a great leader inspires people to believe in themselves.

It is not just the spectators, the cricketers too gets distracted when the cheerleaders shake their bums.

It's not about the depth of the ocean, my friend! it's about the motion of the ocean!

Humility is like underwear, wear it, but don't show it.

Delhi Daredevils' spin bowling at the moment is flat as a Dosa
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Sidhuisms on India's World Cup 2011 victory

Vande kaho, kaho mataram

Baat hai apni aan ki

Baat hai apni shaan ki

Jai Bharat Mahaan ki

A nation roared and the whole world sat up to notice the Indian team’s supremacy over world cricket.

A volcano of joy erupted as Dhoni slammed the final six of the game.

It was pure passion that won us the match.

After the win I felt like a proud man, but above all a proud Indian.

The best thing about this victory was that it was total team effort.

The Indian team was like one family, with one vision and one mission - the triumph of the spirit of India.

Honour is just an itch in youthful blood to do acts extravagantly good.

In our part of the world there are three things that impact our lives almost everyday in a big way - politics, films and cricket.

Our politics and politicians wallow in corruption like a rhino in an African pool.

A good example is the best sermon you can preach.

The Indian team with its performance in this World Cup has endeared itself to the people and has made room in a billion hearts.

The Indian team left an indelible impression on the sands of time.

India's success stems from the Mothership that is Test cricket as there is no fruit without the root.

Dhoni is indeed Captain Cool.

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